COGEN Industries Council (CIC)


The COGEN Industries Council (CIC) is comprised of WADE member companies and supporting organizations that work to advance cogeneration and all related technologies such as trigeneration, district heating and cooling and waste heat to power.


Through targeted research, promotion and advocacy the COGEN Industries Council will work to advance deployment of cogeneration and all related technologies and serve as the voice of the cogeneration industry in the United States. Specific activities will include organization and participation in conferences and tradeshows where CIC members can showcase their technologies and service offerings;advocacy at the national and state level for policies and programs favorable to the industry; newsletters, reports and alerts providing market intelligence; communications, public relations, media outreach and education to regulators and policy makers, creation of business development opportunities through industry branding within key vertical markets; professional networking within the industry; recognition of leadership and achievement through industry awards and announcements of successful projects and accomplishments.

Mission Statement:

To represent the cogeneration industry and all related segments and technologies and serve as an advocate before government and industry; to expand the knowledge and awareness of cogeneration to potential end-users; to facilitate the ability of member companies to implement projects of all sizes; to enhance the positive image of the industry; and to ensure that cogeneration is recognized as a viable, efficient and sustainable energy technology.


The organization offers the following values to its members:

Industry Advocacy

The CIC will represent the cogeneration industry on issues that could have a material impact on new and existing cogeneration projects and investments and serve as an advocate for programs, funding, policies that can advance system deployments as well as oppose such policies that serve to disadvantage cogeneration and create unnecessary roadblocks to project implementation.

Conferences and Trade Shows

The organization will organize and participate inconferences and trade shows focused on topics such as industrial and commercial applications of CIC member technologies, new technologies and innovations, project financing, and state and national policies affecting the industry.

Industry Communications

The CIC will deliver timely communications to industry leaders and potential customers through a newsletter delivered to an extensive list of industry contacts CIC members will also receive Cogeneration and Onsite Power Production (COSPP) magazine and have the ability to submit key stories and announcements for publication.

A website with industry and member information will be maintained that will deliver news and information of relevance and interest as well as to highlight CIC member accomplishments.

Networking and Business Development

The organization will organize and host forums, workshops, webinars, and other events where members can learn about CHP technologies, markets, and opportunities. The organization is committed to advancing the business interests of its members by offering abundant networking and business development opportunities.

Outreach and Education

The CIC will engage potential technology adopters by attending and speaking at their conference events, offering educational forums, webinars, live streaming sessions and dissemination of successful project case studies.

The organization will monitor regulatory and legislative actions and proposals and will strive to keep members up to date on initiatives impacting CHP. CIC will facilitate discussion and dialog among members so that they may actively participate in policy development efforts.

Members will be able to work with the organization’s leadership to craft pro-cogeneration policy initiatives that can promote the industry. CIC will facilitate opportunities for members to join with other members in advocating policy enhancements at the appropriate meetings and venues where policy discussions are occurring. CIC will also facilitate opportunities to meet regulators, Legislators, and allies to discuss, develop, and promote policy changes.


The CIC will work to advance research that illustrates the advantages of cogeneration as a means to reduce the emission of harmful pollutants and substantially improve the efficiency of our use of fossil fuels. The CIC will seek to use the proprietary WADE Model to quantify the benefits of cogeneration.  

Online Directory

The CIC will maintain an online membership directory that will offer contact and related company information to website visitors.

Industry Awards

The CIC will present an annual award to one or more projects implemented in the United States that can serve as an exemplary example for how to design and implement cogeneration. Winners will be recognized at a special awards presentation ceremony and receive distinctive plaques commemorating their achievements. The award winners will be recognized in the organization’s newsletter, on the website and through media releases.

Similarly, the CIC will recognize individuals that have advocated, supported,promoted, advanced or otherwise served the cogeneration industry with distinction. These award winners will also be recognized in the organization’s newsletter, on the website and through media releases.