Application Procedures

A familiar obstacle in accomplishing many tasks is unnessessary bureaucracy and paper work. Developing DE projects is no exception. Even where DE installations are permitted to connect to the grid and there is a fair tariff, DE projects can sometimes be delayed or cancelled as a result of time consuming, complicated, or generally confusing application procedures. In some cases permission must be sought from multiple bodies such as government agencies, standard bureaus, land owners and utilities. Even in cases where permission must only be sought from the utility the path to approval can be unneccessarily long and tortuous, involving filling out dozens or even hundreds of pages of forms and paperwork. Often the procedure requires dozens of steps and the project proponent is left waiting long amounts of time for the utility to respond in between incremental reviews, multiple filings and utility tests.

In order to truly facilitate DE investment the approval process must be streamlined and fair. Time lines should be set that give applicants a clear idea of how long they should expect between their application initially being submitted, it being reviewed and a decision made. The paper work involved and number of steps should be minimized.