WADE Activities

WADE undertakes a growing range of research and programs on behalf of its supporters and members:

  1. Cutting-edge research and analysis on energy and the environment
  2. Global advocacy of policies and programs that level the playing field for DE
  3. Organization of events and activities designed to promote and advance the market for DE technology and showcase member product offerings
  4. Dissemination of market intelligence and breaking news to keep members informed of the latest developments in the global DE marketplace
  5. Communications and public outreach that delivers the DE message to policy-makers and the general public

WADE Research

WADE has established a tradition of thorough and comprehensive research on the DE industry and a wide range of energy and environmental issues. In addition to WADE’s publications, reports and market studies, WADE has participated in successful projects around the world, working with a range of governments, national and international organisations. WADE’s contribution to these projects includes:

  • Macro economic and environmental modeling of the power sector: employing the WADE Economic Model to explore economic and environmental impacts of DE in a specified area
  • Market Intelligence:
  • Assessment and analysis of DE development potential in a specified area
  • DE Technology Status Review – overview of the performance and market readiness of DE technologies
  • DE Policy Best Practice Review: international overview of policy mechanisms for DE
  • DE Project Best Practice Case Studies: global overview of successful DE case studies

Previous WADE Reports and Studies

A number of WADE reports are published every year, including the annual WADE DE World Survey. Other reports focus on certain technologies or industry sectors, discuss specific barriers or opportunities for DE, or provide a comprehensive analysis of specific markets. The table below outlines past WADE research by year and category.

General DE
Surveys and Market Analyses
Sectoral Studies
Opportunities and Barriers
2002 DE Benefits DE World Survey 2002    
2003 DE Technology Overview DE World Survey 2003    
2004 Regulatory Principles of DE DE World Survey 2004   Cogen in a high gas-price era
2005   DE World Survey 2005, WADE Market Analyses (China, India, Brazil, Russia and Mexico) Bagasse CHP Banking on DE
2006 International Review of CCHP DE World Survey 2006 CHP in Buildings CHP and the CDM
2007     CHP in the Cement Sector  

WADE Economic Model Applications

The unique and powerful excel-based computer model enables users to directly compare, in economic and environmental terms, central and decentralized power as options for meeting future electricity capacity requirements. Based on an extensive variety of input data and user defined assumptions the model builds generation, transmission and distribution capacity and compares the results.

WADE Annual Conferences





Prague Czech Republic

7th Annual Cogeneration and Decentralized Energy Conference


New York, USA

6th Annual Cogeneration and Decentralized Energy Conference


Beijing, China

5th Annual Cogeneration and Decentralized Energy Conference


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

4th Annual Cogeneration and Decentralized Energy Conference


New Delhi, India

3rd Annual Cogeneration and Decentralized Energy Conference


Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2nd Annual Cogeneration and Decentralized Energy Conference


Washington, USA

1st Annual Cogeneration and Decentralized Energy Conference

WADE Market Intelligence and Information Products

WADE works to keep its members up to date on current events affecting their business and the scope for the DE sector in general. A number of communication tools are employed for this purpose:

  • Weekly intelligence reports to WADE members
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Regular research reports featuring pioneering research in the DE field
  • Contributions to editorial content of Cogeneration and Onsite Power Production magazine (published in association with Pennwell).
  • Website

WADE Communication and Outreach

WADE has a proven track record in capacity building, education and training of stakeholders so that they are better equipped to take the DE agenda forward and implement DE projects in their region. WADE works to educate stakeholders about the many benefits of decentralized energy using a wide range of communication media:

  • Articles in trade publications and journals
  • Speeches and presentations at conferences, workshops and events around the world
  • Op-ed pieces and letters to the editor
  • Press releases
  • Formal submissions to public consultations regarding energy and the environment