WADE Committees

International Chapters Committee

The International Chapters Committee is responsible for coordinating WADE international chapters and developing new chapters in countries of interest to the WADE membership.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for building and maintaining WADE membership and recommending to the Board of Directors membership policies and programs.

Policy Committee

The Policy Committee is responsible for recommending association policy positions and priorities to the Board of Directors.

Program and Business Development Committee

The Program and Business Development Committee is responsible for identification of WADE programs and meetings, and coordination with WADE staff on delivery and production of events that are relevant and beneficial to the membership. The committee also seeks out association opportunities that produce revenue and advance the association's objectives as well as recommends research priorities and activities for the organization.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee creates programs and materials that explain decentralized energy to the news media, the public, government, industry, and other organizations, and disseminate information about WADE policies, goals, and activities.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is responsible for providing strategic direction and advice to the WADE Board of Directors and staff. This committee is open to both WADE members and non-members and involves experts with an interest in decentralized energy from a wide array of disciplines.