Policy to Promote DE

Every region in the world has unique culture, climate, legal heritage, market structure and development priorities, so not all policies are equally suited for every region. Nevertheless, regions have enough in common that, in all cases, it is a valuable exercise for area X to take a look at what area Y is doing in the process of determining its own regulatory framework. Invariably policy makers look at nearby neighbours and trading partners for inspiration in coming up with effective policy. Even though at first glance it may appear there is little in common, looking at other areas a little farther away may bring some unexpected inspiration.

Regulation is more than rules. Effective regulation can take many forms as shown in the table below.

Types of Regulations
laws and legislation renewable portfolio standards (RPS), cap and trade schemes, certificate trading schemes, emissions rules, disclosure labelling, feed-in laws, delegated accountability, legislated directives, etc.

interconnection standards, procedural standards, building standards, product quality standards, etc.
voluntary guidelines quality guidelines, DE targets, etc.
financial tax schemes, accelerated depreciation, grant programs, system benefits charges, financing schemes, etc.

pricing mechanisms
locational pricing, dynamic pricing, etc.

Best Practice

Almost every jurisdiction in the world has some basic energy policy. To date very few have policies that focus specifically on DE. Nevertheless there are various policies can be pointed out around the world that can be considered "best practice" to the extent they address issues, directly or indirectly of direct relevance to DE. Important policies, studies and planning documents relevant to DE include:

Canada Distributed Generation Technical Interconnection Requirements
Canada Green Energy Act Introduced to Ontario's Provincial Parliament
Canada Quest White Paper English
Canada Quest White Paper French
The European Union
The European Cogeneration Directive
The European Union
The Internal Electricity Market Directive
The United States
The Potential Benefits of Distributed Generation and Rate-Related Issues That May Impede Their Expansion
The United StatesThe Energy Policy Act
Brazil Law 10,848 on the Commercialization of Electricity
Brazil Executive Decree 5,163/04
RD 436/2004
Spain RD 2366/1994
UK Meeting the Energy Challenge. A White Paper on Energy
UK Review of Distributed Generation

The IEA also maintains two useful databases:
Energy Efficiency Policies and Measures Database
Global Renewable Energy Policies and Measures Database